Invertek Variable Frequency Drives

Invertek HVAC Variable Frequency Drives

High Performance and Easy to Use

A compact range of drives dedicated to pumping and HVAC systems.


  • Available up to 250kW
  • Easy to use
  • Compact & robust


  • Available up to 160KW
  • Protected from harmful deposits of dust
  • Protected against low pressure jets of water.


  • Available up to 7.5kW
  • Dust-tight
  • Washdown ready

Save Energy, Save Money, Save Time

Using Optidrive HVAC to reduce fan/pump speed during periods when maximum flow is not required provides the maximum possible energy savings. A 20% reduction in speed can reduce the energy consumption by up to 50%.

  • Accurate speed control
  • Energy optimisation function
  • Resonance avoidance
  • Sleep & wake functions
  • Advanced on-board features
  • Intelligent maintenance interval
  • IP20, IP55 & IP66 enclosure options
  • OLED display standard on all IP55 & IP66 models
  • Simple parameter structure
  • Practical design
  • Integrated PID controller
  • Through-hole mounting kit available


Pump Control

  • Optiflow multiple pump control
  • Blockage detect/clear
  • Pump prime mode
  • Pump staging cascade control
  • Drive controlled bypass
  • Flexible pump station control with no PLCs or pump control units


HVAC Building Services

  • Multiple fan operation
  • Resonance avoidance
  • Hand/auto
  • Drive controlled bypass
  • Belt break detection
  • Noise reduction